Now more than ever it is the employer's responsibility to keep their employees safe while at work. A strong health and safety program will result in numerous benefits and can directly improve productivity and profit while eliminating liability. Stay active, stay compliant, and learn how to keep your employees safe at work.

Our professionals will help manage your risk, lower your costs, and improve employee productivity by developing a health and safety program which is legally compliant with applicable provincial and federal legislation. Furthermore, we provide the following services:

  • Perform gap analysis of current health & safety initiatives
  • Identify appropriate training for your employees
  • Make health & safety recommendations
  • Provide the tools your company will need to implement an effective and compliant health and safety program

Benefits include:

  • Reduced WCB claims and associated costs
  • Reduced absences
  • Reduced turnover due to happier and more engaged employees
Health and Safety. 3 people talking about health and safety in the workplace.


A successful safety program will directly impact your overall WCB costs. Our professionals will manage WCB claims and any necessary follow up including return to work programs.

Important elements of WCB claims management include:

  • Ensuring appropriate documentation is completed
  • Maintaining communication with the employee, their physician, and the WCB
  • Managing return to work plans
  • Coordinating modified work options
  • Successfully reintegrating the employee to their pre-injury job

Proactive safety measures are an integral part of our PEO Service.

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