RECRUITMENT Get it right the first time

The competitive recruitment landscape demands that we stay abreast of trends and adapt to the industry's constant changes. Initially, we familiarize ourselves with you and your business, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your company's unique culture. Subsequently, we identify individuals who will best complement your team.

Recognizing that the recruitment process can be notoriously time-consuming, you can confidently entrust it to us. By leveraging decades of combined experience, our recruiters effectively and efficiently source the right people for the right jobs.


  • A collaborative relationship is developed
  • Critical skill sets for the job are identified and the 'right fit' established
  • Searches are strategically customized
  • Applicants are rigorously screened
  • The right fit both for both the client and candidate is ensured
  • Detailed candidate profiles are provided to the client
  • Selected candidates are fully screened and assessed for the job
  • Thorough references and background checks are conducted
  • Job offers are presented and negotiated, if required
  • Client is kept informed of each milestone from the start

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Recruitment, A picture of someone's resume, CV.

Recruitment is an essential part of PEO services, however, it can be contracted as a separate service.

We Do It All for You

Let's face it. You didn't go into business to be an employer. Your greatest asset is your time. By outsourcing your human resources to the OI Group, you get your time back to do what you do best. Let us do the rest.