Canada's leading professional employer organization (PEO) Let us take care of your employees while you take care of your business

Serving Canadian clients and international partners Canada-wide
Established in 1981, the OI Group has withstood the test of time

Canada's leading professional employer organization (PEO) Let us take care of your employees while you take care of your business

Serving Canadian clients and international partners Canada-wide
Established in 1981, the OI Group has withstood the test of time.

Helping Businesses With Their HR and Payroll Needs

As a business owner, you work hard to succeed. Focus your time and energy on the ‘business of your business’ and let us focus on the ‘business of employment’.

Our Business Model

The OI Group is the ONLY Canadian Employee Leasing company that can offer all of these specific advantages to US and International clients.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Recognized by the Canadian Government as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
  • Significant savings compared to other global PEO’s operating in Canada
  • Eliminates foreign tax liability
  • No requirement to register your company as a legal entity in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization which helps companies by providing human resources, worker’s compensation, employee benefits and payroll services. Companies outsource their human resources to a PEO and maintain control of their business while the PEO manages work that doesn’t generate revenue.

Business owners want to focus their time and energy on the 'business of their business' and not the ‘business of employment'. As business grows, most owners don't have the necessary human resources training, payroll and accounting skills, the knowledge of regulatory compliance or the insurance and employee benefit programs to meet the demands of being an employer.

Working with the OI Group enables companies to lower their employment costs by reducing hiring overhead. It provides critical assistance with employer compliance and helps to improve employee retention and loyalty through benefits and services offered.

Let the OI Group help manage your human resources so you can take your organization to the next level.

Through the OI Group, employees gain access to big-business employee benefits such as health, dental, vision and life insurance that they might not typically have otherwise. The OI Group implements efficiencies that lower employment costs and improve job stability. Additionally, job satisfaction and productivity increase when employees are provided with professional human resources support services, enhanced benefits and improved communications.

No, you do not require a Canadian business entity to use our services. As the Employer of Record (EOR), the OI Group becomes the employer in law and assumes full legal liability for the employees. The employees are included under our government remittance numbers including, Workers' Compensation, Employment Insurance, Taxation, Canada Pension, Health Premiums etc. 

A Staffing Company recruits and hires employees and assigns them to clients to supplement a workforce due to employee absences, temporary skill shortages or seasonal workloads. These workers are only a small portion of the company's workforce. The OI Group manages permanent workforces and provides services and benefits to both worksite employees and employers. We offer recruitment services to our clients as a value-added service.

You'll find you actually gain more control over your business when you use a PEO. You're freed from work that doesn't generate revenue to spend more time guiding your employees and directing your business toward greater productivity and profit.

  • Grow 7% to 9% faster when you use a PEO
  • Have 10% to 14% lower employee turnover when you use a PEO
  • Be 50% less likely to go out of business when you use a PEO

*Source: North American Professional Employer Organization (NAPEO)

In Canada, 'PEO' (Professional Employer Organization) refers to a co-employment relationship whereby the PEO provider offers services such as payroll, HR and employee relations, but does not assume the full liability for the employment relationship.

An 'Employer of Record' (EOR) provides similar services to a PEO, however the EOR assumes full liability for all employees and is considered the legal employer under Canadian Labour Legislation.

The OI Group offers PEO and Employer of Record services.

Hugh, VP of National Operations

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

"As we continue to grow, we needed to hire some internal staff as soon as possible. OI Group understands our business and corporate culture and presented us with great candidates who were a fit to both the jobs and to the company!"

Matt, VP of Operations

Symbia Logistics
Edwards, Colorado, USA

"When we expanded into Canada, OI Group recruited and onboarded our entire workforce. They take care of payroll, benefits, health and safety, training and recruit as needed. OI Group is our one stop shop for all our HR needs in Canada. Having them take care of the employees enables us to take care of our business and focus on the big picture."

Gloria, Administration

Delta, BC, Canada

"OI Group's support has not only made my life so much easier but also has significantly enhanced the professionalism of our company. Anything HR related, I always turn to the OI Group because I know I am getting reliable advice. Thank you for guiding us through the pandemic, for helping us onboard new employees, for your guidance with sticky situations and so much more. You are not only highly capable, but your enthusiasm and willingness to do the best you can for us has made a huge impact on our business. I don't know what I would do without you, seriously."

Derek, Operations Management

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada

"As a small business, managing all aspects of the business was overwhelming. We’ve relied on the help and expertise of the team at the OI Group now for a few years to help with Human Resources and Health & Safety. With their help we’ve been able to implement many new policies, an employee handbook and have improved our health and safety program. They take the guess work out of policy and assure we are meeting our requirements as a business. They are positive, informative and very easy to work with!"