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Tech Talent Toronto

Toronto is home to the third-largest tech talent pool in North America, making it a magnet for highly skilled tech professionals. This influx of talent highlights Toronto's growing reputation as a tech hub, drawing developers and programmers from around the globe.

To sustain the growth of its tech talent, Toronto is actively expanding its tech talent pipeline. The city has firmly established itself as a thriving tech job market and remains one of North America's largest and most dynamic tech hubs.

Tech Talent Vancouver

Canada's tech workforce has grown substantially, with most of this growth centered around the country's major innovation hubs like Vancouver. Vancouver ranked second overall in Canada and once again achieved the highest five-year tech job growth rate in the country. The city now has 111,000 tech occupations, a 69% increase over five years, with tech jobs comprising roughly one-third of all occupations in the region.


Tech Talent Ottawa

Ottawa is a bustling, internationally acclaimed tech hub, supported by multinational corporations, local successes, and rapidly growing startups and scale-ups with exceptional talent. As the capital of Canada, it stands as a focal point for business growth in both national and global markets, making it an excellent location for innovation, entrepreneurship, business expansion, and commercial achievement.

Ottawa's diverse regional economy boasts a business growth rate that exceeds many North American cities, and its unemployment rate is among the lowest in Canada.

Canada Has You Covered

The OI Group specializes in attracting and acquiring highly-skilled, educated Canadian tech talent for your business. As the official employer, we handle all payroll, benefits, and tax requirements. Our expertise in managing remote staffing ensures a seamless and smooth transition into your workforce.

  • Canada tech talent is growing over 4.5% per year
  • Canada ranked #6 in the world for tech talent
  • Toronto's qualified tech talent alone has grown by 37% in the past 5 years


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