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Integrated Services

At CONROS Corp. we have been using OI Payroll, Virtual Time Management and Human Resource Services for our Canadian and US operations the past four years. Outsourcing this work to OI has resulted in considerable savings to our company both in direct costs and streamlining of staff. We have been very satisfied with their services and personalized support and would highly recommend their services.

Joe N. - Conros Corp.


Leasing Services

In May of 2009 our organization made the decision to hire a Customer Service person. While we were excited to have someone in place to handle this work, we were very apprehensive about becoming an employer. We had been a family run business for the past 15 years and really had no need to worry about Human Resources and the rules involved with being an employer. Thankfully, we were able to find assistance by contacting OI Employee Leasing Services. With little to no effort on our part, we quickly had our new employee set-up and have been extremely pleased ever since. As a matter of fact, we have even added 3 of our family members to OIEL. We receive excellent service at a great price and with OIEL it’s like having a complete Human Resource department that keeps us up to date at no charge!

Melanie T



OIEL has met and exceeded all of our expectations. The professional and immediate service from the staff at OIEL helps us focus on the core of our business. We highly recommend OIEL as a co-employer partner!

Joe H


When my wife became ill we were really worried about how we were going to continue with the business without her working. She had been the one looking after our employees and payroll for the past 16 years. Unfortunately, being a small business with only 9 employees we did not have anyone who could step into the role, and no one that we could trust with such confidential information. Hiring a Human Resource person was beyond our budget. Then we heard about OI Employee Leasing. We were very hesitant at first to enter into a co-employment relationship. Looking back now, we just can’t understand why we didn’t go this route along time ago! OIEL was able to take on all the HR headaches including payroll and make recommendations to us on how to handle difficult situations. Most importantly – we now have free time to spend with our family! Our employees are happier because OI gives them the same options they would get if they worked for a large business – turnover is now a thing of the past. My wife is back to work part-time and doing great! Now that she doesn’t have to worry about our people, she has developed a real talent for marketing & sales – who would have thought! Our business has grown by more than 20% and this would not have been possible without OI. Thank You!

Susanne R


Payroll Services

Partnering with OI Payroll Services was the best business move I have made in my 27 years of being a Roofing Contractor. There is no need for an on-site payroll person and you don’t have to buy any software, waste time with training, or deal with phone operators who have to call you back instead of helping you immediately. Now I spend minutes on my payroll each week instead of hours. In today’s tough economy, my time is something I can’t afford to waste! Thank You OIPS.

Josie L


OI your payroll program is awesome! It easily adapted to my business needs (which have lots of overtime and different job classes) and my 23 employees were set-up with no investment in software, and ready to go in ONLY 5 days after my call. I have used ACCPAC and had an accountant handle my payroll before but I can honestly say, “I have never been completely satisfied until I switched to OI”. The ability to just call you up and get employee information or make changes instead of having to waste time searching through a program, is such a relief. We pay a fee per employee, and being a seasonal business, this saves a lot of money when business is slow!

Dave S


OIPS is working really well for our business. We have reduced the time we spend on payroll from 8 hours to 30 minutes. We completed our year end and had T-4’s to our employees faster than we ever have in 12 years of business. Not having to worry about when to pay or how much is due to the government is another burden we were happy to pass on. No more late charges! We would highly recommend your service to any small to mid-sized business that wants to take back the management of their company and get rid of all the administrative headaches! Thank You OIPS.

Paula A


For only $36 a week (with 6 employees) – what’s not to like! Thanks OI!

Stephanie B


We received a bunch of letters in the mail from OI Payroll Services and just disregarded them. I had an accountant looking after our payroll and we just didn’t want the headache of having to change everything over. Then I met an old associate at a Chamber meeting and he told me he had just switched to OI for Payroll and was saving over $5000/year, with a lot less headhaches! I told him I was paying my accountant $40/hr to look after my accounts and it usually took him 4-6 hours a week to do my payroll depending on whether or not it was month end. I would have to fill in a pay stub for each person and then sign each cheque (this took another hour of my time). Since I had been doing things this way for 6 years, I didn’t really think it was a bad deal, but I called OI the next day anyway. The next week OI took over my payroll. The only thing I had to do was give them the information on my employees, and then send them my timesheet. I am happy to say that I am paying half what I used to, but the biggest advantage: They look after EVERYTHING! OI issues the cheques and my people now get direct deposit or payroll MasterCards, and they look after all my government remittances. If I need help with an employee problem I just give them a call. It’s great!

Mary M


We love the one on one service. Our Customer Service Rep is wonderful. It is comforting to know that we can call OI and she knows exactly who and what I am talking about. Thanks Kelly!

Tom C



As a small employer, we did not have many options available to us when it came to benefits. We offered everyone a basic medical and dental plan. Unfortunately, it seemed every time the plan was used our fees went up. It became so costly that we had to consider cancelling the plan. Switching to OI changed this. OI provided us with several options and we were able to offer our Managers’ & Office staff a Comprehensive plan and our Labourers a Basic Plan. Becoming a client of OI meant that we became a member of a large corporations buying power so now our rates are stable and affordable!



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