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Applicant Acceptance Procedure


OI GROUP’s. Applicant Acceptance Procedure (AAP) is a process of Sourcing, Evaluating, Interviewing, and Reference Checking Candidates that allows us to look at the Total Applicant, not merely experience and technical skills.

It is the intention of OI GROUP to provide personnel who are well qualified, ideally suited to the position, proficient in the required skills and who will enjoy the work environment while blending with the permanent staff of our clients.

All leased employees will arrive fully sourced, referenced and orientated as your requirements:

Candidate Screening


From our computerized database of more than 1,000 employees, we will select and evaluate only those candidates with the experience required who may be appropriate for your company.  This database will also house information regarding applicants who are unsuitable for your operation and will not be offered a placement. We also advertise in local newspapers, on our website, through news groups and Internet postings as well as participate in community job fairs.

Employee Database



We offer a menu of evaluation options for your recruiting requirements. Numerous computer tests are available as well as manual dexterity assessments & written evaluations.

Examples of our standard tests offered (WHMIS, Math, Behavioral Interviewing, Industrial Screening, Health & Safety, Call Center Screening Assessment) are available – See Appendix.




Many years of experience in the Human Resources field, have taught us that most unsatisfactory hires, result from personality or environment problems, rather than lack of skills.  OI GROUP concentrates on factors crucial to the nature of the work and the working environment in addition to evaluating technical skills.




Special attention is paid to an applicant’s Work History to determine:

  • Legal Eligibility to work in Canada
  • Reading/ Writing Skills          
  • Math comprehension   
  • Attitude towards Management
  • Attendance and Punctuality    
  • Capability to follow written and verbal directions
  • Responsibility   
  • Decision making Ability
  • Interpersonal Skills               
  • Ability to adapt to change quickly
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Learning Attitude
  • Dependability and Flexibility
  • Knowledge and Experience

A note is made of the applicants’ personal working preferences and abilities, such as:

  • Evaluation results        
  • Convenient geographic locations
  • Work Environments
  • Desired length of assignments
  • Grade 12 education or equivalent
  • Strong manual dexterity
  • Willing and able to work in a flexible shift environment
  • Willing and able to work weekends and overtime as required
Reference Check

OI GROUP contacts the last two (2) employers of applicants, and their immediate supervisors to evaluate past performance.  We consider this one of the most critical such as attendance, punctuality, work ethic, initiative, and ability to work with colleagues, ability to take and understand directives as well as other employment related questions. Unfortunately, due to the new Privacy Legislation, it is not always possible to obtain this information. When at all possible, we also request written letters of reference from applicants.

Reference Check



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