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Employee Leasing/Outsourcing


Welcome to the OI Network! 

Our goal is to provide quality, efficient and cost effective services.  The following is a summary of the technical details of the day-to-day procedures.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at any time.


The leasing concept can be a little confusing and we feel that it is important to define how it works.  Leasing develops a special relationship between a Placement Organization (which is the actual worksite where the work is being performed); the Employer (The OI Group or Native Leasing Services) and Leased individual (the Employee).  How it works is that a company or an organization, rather than hiring people to work for them directly will instead contact a leasing agency and ask the leasing company to hire people and send them to thecompany or organization.  It becomes a “win-win” situation.  The leasing agency is the employer and as such, has the responsibility for

issuing payroll, remittances, etc.  The leasing agency because it employs a lot of people, can offer competitive benefit and pension plans, etc.  The company or organization also wins because it has a “ready-made” workforce without any of the associated staff accounting/human resource responsibilities.  The cost of leasing is usually cheaper than hiring people to work for them directly.
ONE OR TWO WEEK (10 DAY) PROCESSING PERIOD (Depending on your ability to provide us with information)

Our leased employees are operating on a 1-week (5 day) or 2 week (10 day) processing time.  Please note that this is a processing time, not a holdback of pay.  This 5 or 10 working day delay allows us to receive the timesheets from our employees, monies from the placement organization and time to process pay based on the timesheets.
By submitting a timesheet ON TIME to the on-site supervisor (and they submit it to us immediately) employees will avoid disruptions in receiving their pay cheque on time.


Payments to us by the Placement Organization are made through internet banking or telephone banking.  Monies must be received by the Friday prior to payday.


Vacation pay is earned (accrued) by an employee for each day that they work.  The law requires that an employer pay a minimum of 4% to an employee (or equivalent time is taken).  This amount can vary depending on the agreed upon compensation package. 
As the employer, we are responsible for and obligated to collect the vacation pay as it is earned. You will notice from your invoice that vacation pay is being collected each pay.  However, this does not increase the gross annual salary of the employee.  We will not invoice our clients for vacation days during the time that the employee takes his/her vacation.  Instead, we will pay our employees from their vacation fund when they are on holidays.  This is subject to sufficient funds in the accumulator.


The timesheet summaries should be faxed or emailed to us by the Placement Organization no later than the Thursday afternoon before payday.  If there is going to be an exception, please call us.  If we receive a confirmation of authorized personnel email address, we can receive timesheets via email.  These can be forwarded to Greg Howlett at ghowlett@oigroup.ca. If you have any questions about payroll, please contact her.


It is extremely helpful to receive any leased employee change information as soon as you become aware.  Please complete the necessary forms available from Marlene Davis (mdavis@oigroup.ca) in our Human Resource Department.


As a provider of labour, The OI Group & Native Leasing Services are obligated to obtain workers compensation for every one of our employees.  We also support placement organizations in the development of workplace safety policies and procedures and work with supervisors in the development of back-to-work plans and claims.  We have listed the responsibilities of all parties and the processes required in the event of a work-related injury:

Leased Employee’s Responsibilities:

  1. Report accident immediately to Supervisor and OI.
  2. Receive Function Ability Form from OI and bring to a Health Professional for completion.
  3. Cooperate in the “return to work” process.
  4. Contact their on-site Supervisor and OI as soon as possible after the injury and maintain communication.
  5. Assist OI and the placement organization in identifying suitable employment.
  6. Give the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) information that is required.

OI Group & Native Leasing Services Responsibilities:

  1. Contact the employee within 24 hours after the incident and maintain contact (OI sends necessary forms to worker, etc.).
  2. OI will work with employee to prepare the forms required by WCB.
  3. Attempt to identify and arrange suitable employment (early and safe return to work).
  4. Give the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) information as requested.

WCB’s Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor activities, progress and cooperation of the workplace parties.
  2. Suggest available return to work resources.
  3. Provide help in resolving difficulties and disputes.
  4. Determine entitlement to Loss of Earnings and Benefits.

Placement Organization’s Responsibilities:

  1. To maintain a safe workplace environment.
  2. To Contact OI immediately of ALL work related accidents/injuries including those with no time lost.

In the event of a work-related accident/incident:

  1. Ensure leased employee receives immediate and appropriate medical care.
  2. To inform OI as soon as possible after the injury and maintain communication.

NOTE:  Worker’s Compensation Board will impose fines should the incident not be reported within the required timeframe.  Therefore, time is of the utmost importance to avoid unnecessary costs to you.

  1. To work with OI to plan a back to work plan (early and safe return to work).  WCB charges premiums based on usage.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that the workplace is healthy and safe to limit the amount of claims.
  2. To well document incident and first aid treatment/advice provided to the leased employee.
  3. Investigate hazards to prevent re-injury.  Inspect the job site, get detailed statements from anyone who might have, or should have knowledge of the accident.


After being advised by the worker/placement organization of an incident, Marlene Davis is the OI Group employee responsible for reporting claims to WCB and is the contact for all questions concerning workplace health and safety.  Her contact information is:
Marlene Davis, Human Resources, Box 4669, Brantford, Ontario, N3T 6J7, 1-800-668-9852 ext 226, FAX (519)752-0441, Email:  mdavis@oigroup.ca.



We collect and remit Canada Pension for all our employees.  In 1987, our employees were given a choice whether to participate in CPP – we either had to ALL go in or stay out.  Our employees chose to go in and therefore, we collect and remit CPP for all our employees (with the exception of Quebec).

Sometimes when an employee leaves us, Revenue Canada refunds them the CPP funds they have paid in through OI.  A lot of our employees do not realize that when they get such a refund, they have lost the CPP credit for the time they contributed.  We advise them to send the cheque right back if they want to maintain the coverage when they reach 65.



As a placement organization, we will provide you with forms (electronically/fax) that need to be completed as needed.  If you require any of these forms, please contact Laura Layden in Human Resources 1-800-668-9852 ext. 227. The forms available are:

New Employee All new employees will be required to complete Section A of this form and the placement organization will complete Section B.  The form will need to be signed by an authorized signature.
Change of Employee Information All salary adjustments, position and address changes are to be completed using this form. Privacy Legislation requires that the employee sign this form prior to changes being made.
End of Placement     NLS/OI needs to be advised of an end of placement prior to a termination.  This will limit liability for all parties.  Remember, legal advice for all employment matters relating to our leased employees is a part of our service provided.
Request for Vacation Form We invoice for vacation as it is earned, thus it is important that we are informed when workers take vacation so that we can credit the vacation time that we had accrued.
Leave Request Form ALL scheduled time off must be recorded on this form and signed by the Placement Organization and the employee.
OI Networking Group  Required in order to participate in the OI Network Human Resources Directory NEON (optional).
Time Sheets Summary time sheet and individual employee time sheets
Worker’s Compensation  Sample Forms are provided to all organizations.  Please complete forms as needed and return. Human Resources is available to assist with completion if required.
TD1 Provincial and Federal Individual Tax Credit Forms for calculation of personal income tax deductions from payroll. (Completed samples are included in the New Employee package for reference).

Your Payroll can be downloaded into your Bank Account or, if you choose, your personalized MasterCard®.


We offer two different optional pension plans.  Contributions are made by the employee (as a direct deduction from their pay cheque), and/or their placement organization.  Some placement organizations offer compensation packages that include shared contributions to a pension plan.
We offer two pension plans:

  1. One is in a form of RRSP with Great West Life.  They offer a number of investment vehicles depending on the amount of risk level that you choose.
  2. Rice Financial Group is another RSP option for status employees.  If tax-free monies are paid into it, tax-free monies will come out of it.

You can open an RRSP account with us anytime.  An employee can contribute on his/her own or the contribution can be matched by the placement organization.  Your contribution is sent to Great West Life or Rice Financial who manages your plan according to your direction.


All employees are given the opportunity every October to participate in our payroll deduction plan to purchase Canada Savings Bonds.  The individual employee determines the amount of the Canada Savings purchase.


You should have on hand a copy of our Policies and Procedures that have to be adhered to by our employees in addition to the Policies and Procedures of the placement organization.  We work with the placement organization to ensure that our policies are not in conflict with yours.


Our lawyers advise us, since we have to at all times, ensure that we have a clear employer-employee relation with our staff, if any placement organization gives any money to our employees, this would be considered a loan from the placement organization to the employee.  Because it is a loan and not an advance on pay, it should be up to the placement organization to collect the loan from the leased employee.  To have those loan amounts deducted from the payroll of the leased employee weakens the employer-employee relationship.
In order to ensure that our service remains above reproach, we ask your cooperation in this matter.


Included in our service is a range of human resource supports.  Included are:  support and consultation on disciplinary issues; mediation; training; personal professional skill development; support in the development of performance evaluation processes; termination processes; access to labour lawyers; employment verification letters, Records of Employment and any other human resource supports required. Please contact Marlene Davis in our Human Resources office 1-800-668-9852 ext 226  mdavis@oigroup.ca for assistance with any HR related issues.


OI/NLS Employees receive regular resource materials about personal and professional development.  Employees are also able to access our resource library and material as well as attend training seminars.  We also maintain an inventory of the skills and areas of specialty of our past and present employees.  Our employees and placement organizations can access our network to assist in building capacity within their own organizations, companies, and communities.


Welcome to O.I. Group
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